What’s With This Title?

In college, I was a Religion major and English minor—so, in other words, I was writing papers all. the. time.

Don’t get me wrong—I like writing. It just takes me forever. I’ll spare you my theories as to why this is, but the short version is this: I like to be able to write something straight through, from beginning to end. And I usually edit as I write—which means that I won’t continue unless I’m happy with the words on the page so far.

However, it’s a rare occasion when my brain actually processes whatever subject matter I’m working through from beginning to end.

Out of necessity, I started blocking out the structure of the paper to trick my brain into thinking that I was working in a linear fashion, when in reality I was jumping all over the place. And I would always start with the same title placeholder:

 [Insert Witty Title Here]

 It was usually the last piece of the puzzle to be filled in, because any writer knows that there’s a lot riding on the title. A good title attracts your reader and invites her to continue reading. A good title can capture the essence of the piece in a single word or phrase, which both clues your reader into what he might expect, but also helps him remember your work after he is finished.

But I digress.

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now, but I’ve kept coming up with excuses as to why I shouldn’t. The main one? That I couldn’t think of a good title. I’m so late to the blogging party that the ones I could muster have already been taken.

So in an effort to get over that hump, I’m falling back on [Insert Witty Title Here]…because if I don’t, I’m never going to start.

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